NatureZway™ brand provides ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning products that are produced from RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE materials. Our products offer the best value & SUPERIOR functionality.  These products will leave no or minimal harm to the earth after disposal.


Who We Are And What We Do

We are an environmentally friendly company that provides ECO-FRIENDLY products that will help save the earth and make the world a better place for you and your family.  NatureZway provides practical solutions to current environmental problems caused by consumer products.  It offers better alternatives with it’s cohesive and innovative product line to promote healthier families and environment.  Our Earth to Earth product philosophy will make sure we are able to address our planet’s limited resources while delivering the safest products to consumers.


Why Is Bamboo One Of Our Primary Products?

  • Bamboo is from the Grass family and is easily renewable.
  • Fast Growing and matures in only 3 years.
  • Takes up less land space.
  • Uses less water than trees.
  • Requires Zero pesticides to grow.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Reduces greenhouse gases and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.


We Love Pandas As Much As You Do

There are 1200 types of bamboo species and of those 1200 species, pandas only eat about 42 of them.

They do not eat the bamboo that NatureZway™ uses.