Floor Wipes

Choose the next generation of floor wipes that are healthy for the earth.

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Maximum absorbency, Maximum durability!

  • Use on tile, ceramic, laminate, wood and all other hard surfaces
  • Fits most brand-name sweepers
  • Use in kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in the house
  • Super Absorbent
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Rayon made from bamboo

Use Wet or Dry:

Dry: NatureZway floor wipes easily attract dust, lint, hair and crumbs. Toss Away With Less Guilt!

Wet: NatureZway floor wipes are durable for cleaning tough floor stains. Use with your favorite cleaner.


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20 Count 8.66 in x 11 in (22 cm x 28 cm)


100 Count 8.66 in x 11 in (22 cm x 28 cm)